Oulu Lyceum club

The purpose of the club is to promote understanding among women interested in arts, sciences and societal issues in different fields. Oulu Lyceum Club is part of the International Association of Lyceum Clubs founded in 1906. There are 71 Lyceum Clubs in all 71 countries and 8200 members. The official languages of the International Federation are English, French, and German. From the outset, the association’s mission of action has been “internationality and continuous learning that members would help and support each other in the spirit of friendship through the world as independent and courageous, hopeful and open-minded.” Club members from different countries meet every third year at the International Union Congress and every other year at a cultural event. At these meetings, participants will be presented with a wide variety of present host countries.
In order to accomplish its purpose, the club will organize its members
Presentations from different fields of culture
Visits to exhibitions and excursions
Discussion events 



Tunnelmia Oulusta