Internation Association of Lyceum Clubs IALC Oulu Cultural Days 27.6.-29.6.2018

About four years ago we here in Oulu Lyceum club decided to organize the cultural days 2018 of IALC. Last year has been full of work with program and all dealing with it. Now we are so delighted that so many of Lyceum members over all in the world come to Oulu. We will have 210 visitors from which about 190 from foreign countries. The farest come from New Zealand and Australia and the biggest groups come from Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands and France. On Thursday we will visit Hailuoto island, Oulu riverside, old wooden churches surrounding Oulu and also Oulu city. These are the places which our club earlier has also visited and which we will show to others. Oulu city and many enterpises in Oulu have supported us in many ways and we are thankful to them. I wish you all very warmly welcome to Oulu, enjoy to meet so many Lyceum sisters!

Welcome to Oulu!



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